Why train with me ?

..You want a bespoke and tailored programme.

I always try to make programmes completely unique to your body's needs. With so many exercise options to choose from, my real skill is selecting the correct exercises for you each time you turn up.


..You have one or more medical restrictions. 

With my background of working within the NHS, my clients feel confident I will only give safe exercises and the goals set are realistic and achievable.


..You are very unfit, or you are new to exercise.

You can be assured you won’t be pushed too hard too soon, you won't be made to feel foolish, and you will be motivated to keep it up.

..You are over 50.

I know how to ensure every workout is appropriate to your biological not your chronological age. I will ask you to progress only when your body is ready.


..You have exercised previously without getting the results you wanted.

I give a fresh approach to exercising, I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of exercises so you should always find your workouts fun and effective.


What I Do

I start by understanding you, your body's needs, your past exercise history and explore your objectives.

I tell you what types of exercises I think are most appropriate for you and explain the benefits you should gain. 

I go through your sessions step by step explaining what you should be feeling, what is happening to your body and help instil self confidence in your own abilities.

I often give homework via an email video system, especially when you are faced with chronic problems or issues that require frequent and consistent exercise.

I aim to make each session varied and enjoyable so that you progress quickly, and try to make you independent of me, unless you feel you need ongoing training.