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Paul Brice Personal Trainer

Specialist Personal Trainer

I am an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping you to be fitter and healthier.

I have more than 30 years experience of training and have worked with the full spectrum of fitness, from elite athletes to people who are extremely unfit and pretty much anyone in between.

I have a holistic approach to fitness and I am able to modify workouts depending on the kind of day you are having. My clients often say how I intuitively seem to know exactly what exercise they need to do to get the most out of them.

I love being innovative, and frequently try new ideas and exercises not only to keep things fresh, but also to provide a balanced healthy form of fitness.

I like to not only show clients what to do, but to explain why, and what benefits they should gain. I find this approach helps to keep people on track and working to the best of their abilities.


Why you should train with me

You want a bespoke and tailored programme:

I make programmes completely unique to your bodies needs. With a multitude of exercises to choose from, my real skill is selecting the right ones for you at the right time.

You have one or more medical restrictions:

The more health issues you have the more you need a specialist trainer. Whatever condition you have it is likely that I will have experience of finding solutions to your limitations.

You are very unfit, or you are new to exercise:

You can rest assured that I will only work you to your body's capabilities, so you won't be made to work too hard, or

be made to feel foolish.

You find exercise hard to maintain.

I have a fresh approach to movement and exercise. My encyclopaedic knowledge of exercises should provide you with fun and effective workouts.


My Methods

I start by understanding you, your body's needs, your past experience and help you explore your objectives.

I explain what type of exercises I think are most appropriate for you and tell you the benefits you should gain.

I go through your sessions step by step, explaining what you should be feeling, what is happening to your body and I aim to instil self-confidence in your own ability.

If you have a chronic issue that needs frequent and consistent exercise, I will give you homework either by video or on paper with my renowned, stick-man diagrams.

Once I have earned your trust, it is likely you will be amazed at exactly what your body can manage to do.

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