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Paul Brice Personal Trainer in Great Yarmouth


I have always been into fitness and from the age of 14 to 21 I was an international athlete. I represented England in the Javelin and Long Jump, before turning to sprint hurdles where I competed for Great Britain at both Junior and Senior Level. 

My very first venture into coaching was very early on. It was in the school holiday before I started University, I approached my local council to allow me to set up a summer holiday athletics camp at the local track. They employed me for 5 weeks training children in the athletic events. It is odd to look back and see that is where I found my passion for coaching others.

I graduated in 1986 with a Joint honours degree in Sports Science and Biology, and immediately started work in the fitness industry. I worked in a wide range of private fitness clubs from Five Star Hotel and Destination Spa's, to trendy Central London Gyms and niche community gyms. Even before it was known as personal training I was literally dragging people out of bed to run round Regents Park in the mornings.


In 1998 I established Body Solutions, a health and fitness consultancy business, training fitness staff and sales teams, as well as training and coaching people 1:2:1.

Since 1993 I have been involved in patient referrals from the NHS and in 2004 I helped establish what was the first private gym in the UK at the James Paget Hospital, and an innovative fitness suite at the Central Surgery in Gorleston.

Whilst working with respiratory patients I found an innovative way of helping people with COPD make their first steps into exercise easy ones. I developed this into a programme which I call the Brice Method. in 2018 I published a book about my experience. The book is called ‘COPD Innovative Breathing Techniques.’ This book is available on Amazon and in all the major online bookshops.

Throughout my career, my one true passion has been working 1:2:1 with clients.


I now have the ideal job that I love.

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