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Kevin Kyle

Since I have been doing my exercises my lower back problem has almost disappeared,

which is amazing as I have had it for 40 years.

I'm motivated to continue toward my health and fitness goals enjoying the challenge.


All from just 4 sessions with you. You are a star.

Robert Finch

Over the five sessions I have worked with Paul he has been the consummate professional. His timely and expert interventions have made a significant impact on my health flexibility and approach to exercise. I have already recommended him to others.

Linda Stone

I highly recommend Paul Brice as a very professional and expert P.T.

I have Parkinson's and Paul has improved my life amazingly over 7 sessions. He explains why you are doing the exercise and how and where they will improve your body.

He is always aware of how you are coping with the various exercises.

Beryl, Gorleston

Paul has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Following a severe bout of sciatica, and subsequent MRI scan, Paul put together a series of special exercises to suit the conditions shown by the scan. These have proved to be of great assistance in keeping me almost pain free and moving. I have been able to almost cut out all pain relief medication, only taking this when things get extreme. In between, when I am in obvious difficulty Paul will always find a way to assist. My condition cannot be cured, but the help I receive from Paul is reassuring.

Bob J, Great Yarmouth

In February 2018 I started on the Brice Method. I was unable to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath so I did not think I would be able to do anything. I started learning how to breathe without being anxious, and then exercising without feeling I was about to panic.

Within 4 months of using these techniques I surprised myself and everyone else by having the ability and confidence to walk up Mount Snowdon whilst on holiday.

I am so appreciative of how this has enhanced my life, I feel like a walking advertisement of how this programme works. It is Brilliant!

Rasheed Mohammad

Training with Paul I feel safe as his experience and expertise reflects during sessions that are dynamically adjusted to my needs, limits and goals.

I have only done a few sessions and I am feeling great after each.

Patricia, Caister on Sea

I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and a Patent Foramen Ovale and as a result of that I have to take oxygen 24/7.  Paul has taught me breathing techniques that can control the stress/anxiety about breathing that comes with having a lung condition, and how to apply these techniques to exercise and other every day activities.  I feel better equipped to deal with my condition.

Sue, Great Yarmouth

I have worked with Paul for two Years. I  trust him as he makes me feel valued and relaxed around him. He has demonstrated his wide range of knowledge and experience to me of nutrition, techniques of multi disciplined sport, personal development, self confidence, goal setting and self-belief.

No matter what issue I have put to him we have found a solution, including wanting to do a triathlon when I had only just learnt to swim. Through that trust of not being laughed at, Paul gave me the self belief to not only enter a triathlon but to finish in the top half of my age group.

My progression was achieved through his support, guidance, encouragement and knowledge by goal setting with regular meetings

Mick, Gorleston

In January 2018 I was lost ole git with COPD, then I was referred to Paul by my G.P.


I found Paul’s attitude admirable and helpful. He combines enthusiasm and professionalism underpinned with a disarming dose of modesty. It is a reassuring quality as it meant I always felt respected and even an equal.

I’ll not go through his method in any detail. Suffice to say his methods centre round breathing in what he sees as the correct way to employ the lung, or in my case what’s left of it.

All this is well worth while. I can say it has worked for me and improved my quality of life as I now venture back to activities I feared had been lost to me for good.

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